About PHAnetwork Inspections!

Mobile-First Solution

The PHAnetwork Inspection site is designed as a mobile-first solution, meaning that the layout is optimized for small devices such as tablets and smartphones. This allows your staff to utilize these tools for onsite completion and updating of Unit Inspections.

Instant Updates

Inspection information updated through this site immediately appears in the PHAnetwork Unit Inspection system so that office staff can stay apprised of the status of inspections. Any changes or updates can be immediately viewed and/or printed through PHAnetwork and viewed through the Unit Inspection system.

Simple Navigation

Moving around in the Unit Inspection site is very simple with buttons at the top allowing you to move to the sections that you need to get to. When updating inspection information, a simple tabbed interface is supplied, making it very easy to record inspecion notes, section deficiencies, tenant questions as well as capture images and tenant signatures.